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ACCELERATE52building campaign


We are currently in a building campain, having already purchased the land in the movie theater complex, with plans to build the campus pictured below. It's an exciting time here at Living Waters Church. 

What is Accelerate52?

Living Waters has experienced continued growth as a church, numerically and spiritually, and we are humbled by how God has provided and led His people to serve in countless ways at LWC and the nations.


It is with enthusiastic humility that we embark, led by our Leadership Board and pastor, on a significant challenge for our church; building our new campus.


Where Are We Going?

We desire to be rooted – strategically and geographically – to most

effectively reach the lost of our communities and equip God’s people for works of service. In order to do so, we are preparing to build a ministry center that we can call our own.  We have already bought the land next to the movie theater and are currently raising funds to build our new campus there.


Some may call it a church building, but in our vision, we want to provide God’s people with a locational resource that can be used by LWC and the community for a variety of purposes.


Ultimately, it’s not about having a “building.” Our vision of being the church has not shifted. What it’s about is:


•securing a strategic home base for mission in which we can glorify 

God by serving one another, our community and the nations.


•providing a place in which Christians can worship, learn, connect and enjoy being the church together


How Will We Get There?

Trust. Plain and simple.

If you’re a regular attender of Living Waters, you know that we have a joyous, unique and special community of people that earnestly love God and others. We also have an incredibly diverse group of people that pass through our doors, including college students, young families, retirees and all ages in-between. We are trusting in an unlimited God for provision for this mission’s vision.

How You Can Help

1. Trust God with us and for us. Will you please commit to pray regularly for our Next Location? Ask God to encourage His church and glorify His name among us through His provision, leadership and favor.


2 Give to the a52 Fund. (see below) We unashamedly ask for your help and personal, sacrificial commitment.


How to Give

You can give a gift by:

•Place it in the offering on Sundays in a service. (Make sure you indicate Building.)


•Mail to Living Waters Church, PO Box 1446, Meadville, PA 16335. (Attention: a52). Let us know in the memo portion of the check or somewhere on your gift that it’s intended specifically for the Building (or a52).


•Give online by using a debit card, just click the “give” button at the top of this page.